Our customer service solutions are tailored to your needs, regardless of what channel your customers prefer.


Phone, Email, Chat & Video-Based Support

In today's world, a call center alone is not enough for customers. They want a fast and reliable support avenue available at all times. From waiting in line at the grocery store and submitting an online chat, to calling in on a drive home from work, to searching for a how-to video online. The premise is simple: your customers need various avenues for support. Whatever the need, Centurean is dedicated to supporting your customers.

Social Monitoring & Support

Your company brand is everything. The ability of potential customers to locate your brand could make or break an opportunity for profit. But you are busy growing your company. You don't always have the time to dedicate to optimizing your brand.

Self Service Automation

Unlike most contact centers, we work with you to provide resources so that your customers don't even need to call your customer service line. Many of today's consumers want to figure it out for themselves. We will provide web and video how-to guides so that they can do just that. The option to take matters into their own hands is a sigh of relief for many.

Process Development & Support Automation

Centurean values your customer's time as much as you do. We will create systems and processes to improve our database of information regarding your product. Our systems will routinely analyze the data we collect. That data we collect will then be used to provide better, faster support through our various means to ensure optimization.

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